A brand has been designed for a place located in full Maritime walk of Palma.
In The principal brand I have replaced the typography as original image, (which is the brand) and I have done a composition of isotipo and logo, which work independently in some applications, also I have designed an alternative imagotipo extracted from the brand, which was a sketch and initial idea.

The brand expresses clearly his function, the imagotipo takes charge clarifying it, there is understood perfectly that it is a club of music, and the type of music that is, since the image takes charge defining the trend. After defining the brand with his respective joints, which are very important in the applications, since they work independently without the need some of others, since I think that they are very well definite and freed.

I have designed the basic applications of papers, since it is not a company that needs many papers of office, the necessary thing has been designed. More important age the design of advertising, since it is necessary in order that the business works better: elegant and clear Communication (very minimalist Styles and of design). His basic advertising consists of poster, programming, flyer and urban advertising, which this designed to be applied on opis of great format. Later, which was necessary was the topic of the income, the items consumed, stamp of doors and the Vips.

Has been added an application that initially was not asked, a web page, very necessary for our current importance, since almost all the companies are in the habit of working by means of web. The web that I have designed in these moments is very basic, for being an origin of information, which is going to fill with images and texts as events pass. This one designed with a program that allows to give the option to replace the contents of an easy way for people who cannot use a program to design Web. He is a manager of contents called word press, which allows me to protect parts of the page in order that they could not modify them, and give the option to add and change other pages with a publisher of texts and very easy images, and allow to modify.

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